tomorrow i will change and today wont mean a thing...

+ why live in the world + when + you can live in your head +

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29 August
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New Online Pet!!!! okay im sad, but im also LOVING the pet

my pet!

Here are my two little pet fetus' that are in love Fluff my cute little Fairy Fetus! <3 awwwwwww <3 and Roar my baby Dragon Fetus! yay [i will write stuff about me here soon, i promise] and here :

Adopt Your Own Emo Kid!
is my own emokid! who hopefully doesnt represent me ^_^
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Jenny loves company and communication. If you're reading this, she probably loves you. She hates loneliness and isolation, unless it is self inflicted. Which makes it, in which case, necessary and something she occasionally craves. <3 lovelove <3
Strengths: Hugs, Lovingness, Interestedness, adding ness onto words, eating too much and oversleeping.
Weaknesses: Unpredictable...unless overly predictable. Hypocritical. Mood overrules all.
Special Skills: shhh they're *secret*. oh, also identifying people - e.g Clare the Duck(who can be seen on the right of the above picture as she is viewed by the average civilian)&Jemma the Bear - for who they REALLY are. Seeing through the facade. *narrows eyes suspiciously*
Weapons: Other than her wit, charm and terrific use of irony?...her alias' include Mistress of Distractions and Procrastination. Sadly no more can be given away.
**~^^ Princess Faerie Jennyfluff ^^~** : spreading love, hope, happiness, cynicism, mundane moodswings, varying frequency of updates, sharing juicy gossip, and unnecessary details for your pleasure! [and for her own peace of mind] *curtsey* thankyou, thankyou.